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According to a media report by Yang Yi, Shenhua’s new aid Bolanos said that he was eager to play against Oscar and Hulk. Captain Moreno also said that Spanish could help him integrate faster.


Regarding the environment of the new team and his expectations for the upcoming second stage, Shenhua's new aid Bolanos also talked about his views.


Coming to a new team, there is a compatriot who speaks the same language and is a national teammate. There is also a Spanish-speaking captain in the team. Moreno is also a very good captain. I believe I can be faster. Incorporate into this new team.


I am very happy to join Shanghai Shenhua. This is also a new starting point and a new opportunity for my career. When I was isolated in the hotel, I also conducted some training under the advice of the trainer, and conducted some basic training in the room. I expected that it would take about 3-4 days to be back on the court and return to a satisfactory state. I hope I can return to my best condition as soon as possible, and can play my best performance according to the coach's arrangement.


I know that the first stage of our team has just ended, and the result of the game is very good. I also know that our opponents in the next stage will have players like Oscar and Hulk. For me, the same city derby is what I like very much, and it will inspire my desire to win.