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Tiger Fighting, October 3, Inter Milan Chairman Zhang Kangyang talked about his reasons for opening Weibo in an interview and his relationship with Inter players.


"I can show you some things in life and some interesting things in my work on Weibo, and even announce some news on Weibo.


"I like to travel and I like to see different countries and cities. Since the second grade, I have traveled in different countries and grew up in different cities."


"One of the reasons I like Europe and Italy is that there is a wealth of art and colorful culture. When I was in Milan, there were various activities, such as exhibitions, fashion weeks, etc."


"Here, we can broaden our knowledge by studying and deepen your understanding of what you have learned. The food here is also in line with the tastes of the Chinese. It is also interesting to taste local Italian cuisine."


"To be honest, I and many Inter players are about the same age. When I started to manage the team two or three years ago, I was even younger than many of them."


"I have a very good relationship with Inter players, just like friends, but as the chairman, these players will be treated equally in my eyes. Some people will know me well, some people will not."


"They are all interesting people with different personalities, especially because they all come from different countries, so they all have their own specialties."