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im体育:#中超联赛# 赛后发布会布鲁诺:这场比赛我们在开...

#中超联盟# Post-match press conference Bruno: We played very seriously at the beginning of this game, and we had a very effective high position press, so we scored a goal very quickly, and the following few cooperations were also very exciting. The players in the second half have also been playing with a very serious attitude, which is also very important, because there have been a few games where the players were a little lax after leading. The absence of this situation in today's game shows that our team has improved. Although we won, Augusto, our captain on the field, got out of the field due to injury, which makes me feel a bit regretful. I haven't learned more about his injury, I hope it doesn't matter. Congratulations to each of my players, they played a wonderful game today. Q: How do you evaluate Yu Yang and Fernando who scored? A: These two players can achieve such a good performance today is within my expectations, because they are usually very active in training and maintain a very good mental state. Especially Fernando, he usually has fewer chances to play, but he works very hard in usual training, so sooner or later he will score in the game. The same is true for Yu Yang. After playing with Jin Minya for a few games, he played better and better. Their good performance in the competition is due to their excellent training attitude and good mental state. Fernando: I am very happy to score a goal because I always want to help the team in this way. What's more important is that we won today to ensure that we won the top four in the group. I think the team's victory is more important than my own goals. We played very well today, playing the game at our own pace, so today we have control of the initiative on the court. No football player wants to end due to injury, so I particularly understand Augusto's mood when he leaves the game, so I comforted him a few words. I hope his injury is not serious and he can return to the team soon.

#中超联盟#赛后新闻发布会 布鲁诺:我们在比赛开始时就非常认真地打球,而且我们有非常有效的高位新闻,所以我们很快就打进了一球,接下来的几次合作也非im体育平台官网app常令人兴奋。下半场的球员也一直以非常认真的态度进行比赛,这也非常重要,因为在有些比赛中,球员在领先之后有些松懈。在今天的比赛中没有这种情况表明,我们的团队已经进步。尽管我们赢了,但我们的队长奥古斯托由于受伤而离开了赛场,这让我感到有些遗憾。我还没有进一步了解他的受伤情况,希望这没有关系。祝贺我的每位玩家,他们今天玩了一场精彩的比赛。 问:您如何评价得分的Yu Yang和Fernando? 答:这两个球员今天都能取得如此出色的表现,这在我的预期之内,因为他们通常在训练中非常活跃,并保持良好的心理状态。尤其是费尔南多(Fernando),他通常没有多少比赛机会,但im体育平台官网app是他在常规训练中工作非常努力,因此迟早他会在比赛中得分。于洋也是如此。与金敏雅(Jin Minya)玩了几场比赛后,他的表现越来越好。他们在比赛中的出色表现归功于他们出色的训练态度和良好的心理状态。 费尔南多:我很高兴能打进一球,因为我一直想以这种方式帮助球队。更重要的是,我们今天赢得了胜利,以确保我们赢得小组前四名。我认为球队的胜利比我自己的目标更重要。我们今天的比赛表现非常出色,按照自己的节奏进行比赛,所以今天我们可以在球场上控制主动权。没有足球运动员愿意因受伤而结束比赛,所以我特别了解奥古斯托离开比赛时的心情,因此我为他安慰了一下。我希望他的伤势不严重,他可以尽快回到球队。