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im体育:国际象棋大师因作弊禁赛 又化名戴面具偷偷参赛

Netease Sports reported on October 13:


Because cheating on a mobile phone in the toilet during the break of the game,


国际象棋大师因作弊禁赛 又化名戴面具偷偷参赛

The 59-year-old former international grandmaster Rauss was born in the Soviet Union and represented the Czech Republic. He has risen from an ordinary registered player to an international grand master in just 6 years, ranking among the top 100 in the world. In July 2019, because he was using his mobile phone on the toilet during the French Chess League game, this scene happened to be filmed. According to the rules of chess competition, this behavior has been violated.

现年59岁的前国际大师Rauss出生于苏联,代表捷克共和国。在短短6年的时间里,他已经从一名普通的注册球员晋升为国际大师,跻身全球前100名。 2019年7月,因为他在法国国际象棋联赛比赛期间在厕所上使用手机,所以这个场景碰巧被拍摄了。根据国际象棋比赛的规则,这种行为已被违反。

After investigation by the Ethics Committee and the police, Lauys was found to be cheating, was banned from participating in all FIDE (World Chess Federation) competitions for 6 years, and deprived of the title of World Grand Master. Afterwards, the outside world believed that Loyce's performance in recent years has been improving rapidly or that it is related to cheating.


Last week, Rauss, who was still in suspension, decided to use the alias Issa-Kasimi to participate in the Latvia due to a loophole in the rules of the game.


Neksans saw through the disguise of Lauyce and reported to the game that he thought Lauyce was trying to hide his identity. But Raus denies the accusation, claiming that he is a well-known figure in Latvia. "I am a celebrity in the Latvian chess world. Everyone may recognize me in the first round. In addition, I have participated in two games under a new name, one Fischer arbitrary chess game and one dice game system. Chess."

Neksans观察了Lauyce的伪装,并向游戏报告他认为Lauyce试图隐藏自己的身份。但是劳斯否认了这一指控,声称他是拉脱维亚的知名人物。 “我是拉脱维亚国际象棋界的名人。在第一轮比赛中每个人都可能认识我。此外,我还参加了两场新名称的比赛,其中之一是费舍尔国际象棋游戏,一个是骰子游戏系统。国际象棋。”

The organizer of the event pointed to Latvian officials, and the other party stated that it was legal for Latvia to participate in the event. Neksans’ complaint was not supported because the competition was not a FIDE competition. However, in view of Nexans' constant protests, Lauyce had no choice but to retire.

活动的组织者指向拉脱维亚官员,另一方表示,拉脱维亚参加该活动是合法的。 Neksans的投诉不获支持,因为该竞赛不是FIDE竞赛。但是,鉴于耐克森人的不断抗议,劳伊斯别无选择,只能退休。

After the incident, Neksans explained the incident on social media, saying that he had discovered the incognito Lauis in the third round. "He was wearing a mask at the time and I hadn't noticed him before. I confronted him and asked him why he was here and why he violated the ban. I didn't expect him to give me a new name and new credentials. His behavior angered me. Several contestants were present, and his opponents in the third round also refused to compete."

事件发生后,Neksans在社交媒体上解释了这一事件,称他在第三轮中发现了隐姓埋名的Lauis。 “他当时戴着口罩,我以前从未注意到过。我面对他,问他为什么在这里,为什么他违反了禁令。我没想到他会给我一个新的名字和新的身份他的举止激怒了我。几名参赛者出席了比赛,第三轮他的对手也拒绝参加比赛。”