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In the 12th round of the Chinese Super League that ended last night, with Ye Chugui's goal in stoppage time, Guangzhou R&F defeated the Dalian native 1-0.


"Winning the game is very difficult. Our formation is very close, the defense is very good, and we scored the lore in stoppage time. We were beaten by Evergrande before. Through our own efforts in this game, Goddess of Luck stood by us. Side, but the joy can't last too long, because the next round will start again a few days later.


"Dembele and Li Tixiang have been injured. Their situation remains to be seen. Special praise to the players who played in the second half (Li Tixiang, Song Wenjie, Ye Chugui, Zhang Gong), they performed very well."


Speaking of reversing the situation at the last moment in two consecutive games, Fan Shuai said: “The teams all have the same belief and hope to win every game. Through the unrivaled results of these games and the current round The team has accumulated a lot of self-confidence. This is the biggest change for the team and our improvement."


When asked why he replaced Saba and Renardinho in the second half, Fan Shuai said: "Because Ye Chugui scored a lore goal. (laughs)


"The substitution is based on two points. The midfielder lacks some vitality. Ye Chugui and Song Wenjie are replaced. They have a different style from Saba. Song Wenjie can take the ball and has a tougher body to attack the opponent's back line. The other is Protect the players, because there is a game next, and the game also requires some luck."


When talking about the performance of the captain Tang Miao, Fan Shuai was very satisfied with the performance of his disciples: "Tang Miao has very strong personal ability. Don’t forget that there are also many players in the penalty zone to outflank. Every player has paid a lot for victory. Winning is the team’s credit."